Community Service Paves TheWay To College Money And More!

Money-Saving Tips for the College Student

Selflessly giving time, talent and energy is a down payment for the future. Many private merit scholarships (money for the university offered by organizations, businesses and individuals instead of the universities themselves) focus on the applicant’s community service achievements. These scholarships are designed to honor students who help others and contribute to the world. By rewarding a promising student bound for college with money for college, merit scholarships help students achieve their life goals while fulfilling the mission of the organization. It is really a win-win situation.

The equalizer: countering poor numbers

Families can spend thousands of dollars trying desperately to increase standardized test scores and grade point averages to improve college admissions. However, the reality is that not all students, despite their best efforts, will master academic studies and standardized tests. Even highly capable and intelligent students may be misrepresented in standardized tests. Applicants to university students may be endowed with other avenues that do not reveal themselves in the standardized pressure cooker. They just don’t stand out in the game of taking exams.

Meanwhile, most students have valuable contributions to their university community, society and the world in general. The community service allows students to show their passion, talents and goals. Volunteering is the ideal vehicle to demonstrate to university admission officers and academic merit judges the positive aspects of a student’s character and the value they will bring to their university community and society in general.

No matter how much we try, none of us can scream more than 24 hours in a day. Admission officers closely observe how a candidate spends his time. Community service competencies level the playing field to show dedication, vision, compassion and leadership, among other desirable qualities that universities want on their campuses. It is the great equalizer.


Enjoy a buffet of community services course online to cook-up a main course of academic study

Sampling of various participations in community services course online can help a student identify professional interests and university careers. Instead of speculating on possible career directions, a teenager has a golden opportunity to take several races on a test drive by participating in a variety of activities.

With real life experience, students can confirm or refine professional goals. This practical learning and research can lead to greater clarity when choosing a university specialty, which translates into less time and money for the university. Changing universities may delay graduation. The more time spent in college, the higher the price of that university education and later the student will join the workforce.

Ready, ready … Request it!

Ideally, community service will be part of a student’s university and life strategy from the ninth grade. Families are wise to select community service as deliberately as choosing classes. In fact, a well-chosen community service increases a student’s eligibility for scholarships for merit, adds dimension to college entrance applications and provides a quick start on career goals.

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